Peoples  Republic of Japuchea

Motto Long life us



Capital city Lenninshere
Largest city Lenin Stad
Official language(s) Japuchean
Official religion(s) Atheist
Short name Salaria
Demonym South Japuchean
Government Marxist single-party state
- Chairman Luke Fawcett
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 6
Established 1 July 2013
Disestablished 21 July
Area claimed Whole Japuchea


South Japuchea was a communist country before losing the Japuchean War.


In early 2013, another micronation from the North, North Japuchea, became South Japuchea's biggest enemies. The North Japuchean government wanted to control the South however the government of South Japuchea denied to give the south to the north. Once again, North Japuchea was indeed devastated and wanting to fight back against the South Japuchea and so they did and on the 21 February 2013, the Japuchean War was raised. North Japuchean forces began to raid in to Walkershire county, and started terrorizing and attacking the South Japuchean regions. North Japuchea won the Japuchea War, and South  Japuchea surrendered to the North

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